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Sweet Temptations Toffees’ Chefs have developed gourmet heaven in a jar... A toffee spread – a first for South Africa – that tastes as delectable straight from the jar as on waffles, pancakes or flapjacks, stirred into oatmeal, over ice cream, as a cake topping, or even over baked pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

Made according to a self-developed recipe that in no way reminds of Dulce de Leche or cooked condensed milk, the enticing new Sweet Temptations Toffee Spread is made with real butter and cream with no added preservatives, colourants or flavourants. Give in to the temptation!

This rich, smooth melt-in-the-mouth spread is available in three thrilling flavours:
Original Caramel Toffee   Chocolate   Sea Salt Flakes    
Turkish Delight   Chocolate   Marula Velvet